Июль 2014

Гиперреализм от Ruddy Taveras

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Подземные Храмы Человечества Даманхур

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Sculpture Wood — Relief Panels Floral Designs by Tay Nontawat

Dance in Jungle Hand Made Wood Relief Panel

Spritely and cheerful, a deva dances in the dense rain forest. Tay Nontawat sculpts his own vision of a Thai angel who inhabits a tree.

In Thailand, devas are beings of exquisite grace and beauty that live in the heaven of sensuous pleasure. They often visit Earth to help and protect humanity, or to bring messages from the gods. Using only hand tools, Nontawat carves the teakwood piece in three dimensions.

The finished sculpture is dried in the sun, painted by hand and protected with a coat of lacquer.

Each piece is crafted individually, and the artist incorporates the wood’s rough texture into his designs. Прочитать остальную часть записи »

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